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About Advanced Filing Concepts

We are a provider of high-density filing products as well as document management systems & supplies.

Advanced Filing Concepts is a family-run, small business that was established in 1984. We are conveniently located between Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. We are a provider of high-density filing products and organization tools. We have the largest variety of filing supplies and the most affordable prices. 

Official Unibind Distributor:

We are proud to be Minnesota's official Unibind Distributor. Unibind is the worldwide market leader of personalized & customized covers for binding of printed documents. Unibind provides products and solutions for any document presentation. We are committed to bringing this excellent technology to market.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Advanced Filing Concepts is to be the leading provider of high-density filing and organizational products in the United States. With our portfolio of manufacturers, we can create the most innovative solutions for our customers at affordable prices.

More about us...

Advanced Filing Concepts specializes in high-density filing applications and almost 30 years experience in the filing industry. We operate with honesty and integrity; pillars which are essential in a positive business relationship. We are very flexible and go above and beyond what larger companies to in order to meet your specific needs. Advanced Filing Concepts specializes in the following products:

End Tab File Folders:

End Tab Folders provide quick access to high-density folders with an easy view of what’s inside by the folder’s label.  End Tab Folders come in all sorts of types such as fastener folders, pressboard folders, classification folders, jackets, file pockets and wallets.  Our folders are made from top manufacturers such as Smead®, Redweld® and more!

Top Tab Folders:

We carry an incredible selection of Top Tab Folders for use in vertical filing or file drawers.  Top tab folders are the most commonly used folders and we carry all types to suit your needs.  We carry all typed of top tab folders that big box stores carry at a much lower price!

Radiology Filing Products:

X-Ray filing products such as X-Ray Jackets, film negative preservers, and film labels are available and ready to ship when you order.  We also have Mailwell compatible category inserts to help users categorize the types of film they use.  All x ray jackets are available in multiple sizes, quantities and colors.

High-density File Shelving

File shelving is very important for keeping your office’s files accessible without taking up much room. offers 4-Post Shelving, Mobile Shelving, Rotary Shelving, Bi-File Shelving, Stackable Shelving and more! Professional installation is also available.  Need laptop or tablet carts in your classroom or office?  Call us today for an incredible quote!

File Labels

What are file folders without labels to tell you what’s in them?  We carry all lines of filing labels including alphabetic labels, numeric labels, year labels, month labels, medial labels, chart labels, veterinary labels and many more types of communication labels.

Unibind Machines

Unibind is the market leader in thermal binding technology and the Resin SteelBinding system is the easiest system you will ever use.  Unibind binding systems are light weight, portable and take up little space.  Unibind is also the only binding system that allows you to produce hardcover books and edit soft cover books

Unibind Supplies

Unibind covers are the highest-quality document presentation covers available. Unibind covers have unique titles including SteelCrystal, SteelMat, SteelBack, SteelBook, UniFlex, UniBack, & UniHard.  Every Unibind cover is also capable of customization such as adding a logo or picture to greatly enhance your professional image.