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File Jackets

With a variety of expansions and tab options, you'll easily find a file jacket for every need. File jackets are closed on three sides for document security. Choose a style with a reinforced tab for long-lasting durability.
Dental Style Jackets
With peephole
Color File Jackets
Brightly colored
Top Tab Manila Flat File Jackets
Manila colored
Color Border File Jackets
Economical alternative
Poly End Tab File Jacket
Polypropylene material
File Jackets with diagonal cut front panel
Easy access to contents
Car Dealership File Jackets
For vehicle sales
Plastic File Jackets
Polypropylene Material
Economy File Envelopes
Closed on three sides
Slash-style File Jackets
Ideal for projects
Retention Jackets / Envelopes
Store information safely