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We offer more than 8,000 SKUs of filing products and we ship directly to your home or office. We provide high-quality filing supplies from brands like Smead®, Tabbies®, Redweld™, UniBind®, FireKing® and many more. We can tailor-make custom file folders and labels to keep you organized.
  • Filing & Folders

    Find all types of file folders, chart dividers, index dividers, and other filing accessories needed to keep your filing system running smoothly.
  • Labels

    Find hundreds of styles of, year labels, alphabetic labels, blank labels and many other types of color-coding label systems.
  • Envelopes & Mailers

    Browse our stock envelopes here. Most envelopes are stocked and ready for same-day shipment from one of five 24/7 facilities. These premium envelopes are durable, functional, and economical. We offer general business envelopes, window envelopes, invitation envelopes and other quality mailing products at ecominical pricies.
  • Toner Cartridges

    Stop paying for over-priced OEM laser cartridges and try premium compatible toner cartridges, drums, and label tape. You'll be amazed at the high quality output that your pocketbook will thank you for.
  • Unibind Products

    Unibind offers you an innovative way to create high-end printed presentations quickly and easily. Browse our Unibind products to learn more about thermal binding machines and customizable report covers.

  • Office Presentation Boards

    Shop our selection of U Brands boards, which include many different types, sizes, and styles that are perfect for any setting and a great tool to communicate.
  • FireKing File Cabinets & Safes

    Protect what's important with a FireKing fireproof file cabinet or safe. To keep your documents safe, FireKing offers both a 1- or 2-hour UL-Class 350 fire with impact-rated file cabinets that will withstand temperatures of 1700° F, for 1 or 2 hours depending on the model.
  • Medical File Folders

    Advanced Filing Concepts provides medical file folders and medical filing supplies for all types of medical practices.
  • HSM Shredders

    › Personal and Small Office Shredders
    › Large Office and Industrial Paper Shredders
    › High-Security P-6 and P-7 Available
  • Shop by Industry

    Shop for filing supplies by your industry
Browse our filing products by general category which we have segmented by Filing & Folders, Labels, Envelopes, Toner Cartridges, Unibind Products, Display Boards, FireKing Products, and Medical Forms. If you can't find it browsing by category, try a simple search such as "Charts Dividers" or "TN350" or feel free to contact us.