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End Tab File Folders

End Tab Filing

End tab file folders bring efficiency to your organization with immediate visibility and access to the file you need. They are primarily defined by the end tab where indexing is viewed from the sides. End tab folders are slightly larger (12 1/4" Wide for Letter Size, 15 1/4" Wide For Legal). They are the preferred choice for high-density filing applications with open shelving. End tab folders come in a variety of styles legal or letter sizes and with additional options such as added fasteners. End tab filing is an efficient way to organize your file with will save you time & money. By shopping Advanced Filing Concepts, you can be sure to find every all styles of end tab file folders to fit your specific office needs.
  • End Tab Manila Folders

    A very popular choice in the medical community, mania end tab file folders bring you efficiency for large filing systems while retaining the classic file folder color. Easily add your labels, dividers, or other accessories.
  • Colored End Tab File Folders

    Available in both letter and legal sizes, multi-colored file folders help add a layer of indexing for faster folder retrieval. Also choose from an assortment of end tab filing accessories.
  • End Tab Classification Folders

    Classification folders for your end tab shelf filing system that have 1 divider, 2 dividers or 3 dividers installed. The divider separation allows you do have multiple working surfaces in each file folder.
  • End Tab Expanding File Folders

    These file folders have a "W" fold that expands to hold up to 1-1/2" of paperwork. Available with or without fasteners.
  • End Tab Pressboard Folders

    Pressboard folders will help keep you documents in perfect condition. Pressboard folders are made with extra strength and durability go stand up to abuse. End tab pressboard folders come in letter or legal size and a variety of colors.
  • End Tab Folders - Full-Cut Tab

    Full length end tab file folders have their end tabs extend all the way to the bottom of the file folders. These are unique end tab folders as most are undercut. Gain extra labeling space with full end tab folders.
  • End Tab Pocket Folders

    Pocket folders give you added security to your documents. Each pocket lets you store additional documents, photos or other items without them falling out.
  • End Tab Casebinders

    Designed for open shelving, these end tab Court Case Binders are a great solution for big, bulky and highly active legal files which you need to keep in chronological order.
  • Kardex File Folders

    Kardex file folders have a terminal digit printed on the folder. Kardex folder digits are either alphabetic or numeric, depending on your application.
  • Recycled End Tab Folders

    Recycled folders are eco-friendly folders are made from 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer stock. Recycled file folders leaver a smaller carbon footprint than standard file folders.