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Expanding File Folders

In order to keep large-volume files in order, the file folder should be closed on three sides to keep documents from sliding out when the folder is in transit. Expanding pocket folders are designed to do just the task and are available in letter or legal sizes, multiple expansions. Colorful options allow you to color code your work making it easy to pull when needed.

  • TUFF File Pockets

    Extra strength file pockets made with double thick front and back panels with up to 7" expansion for the largest document storage available.
  • File Pockets

    Standard file pockets that expand up to 5-1/4" in both letter & legal sizes for drawer and shelf storage.
  • Wallet Folders

    Similar to file pockets, wallet folders expand to hold large amounts of paperwork with the added benefit of a flap closure to keep documents from falling out.
  • Accordion Folders

    These expanding file folders offer partitioned pockets inside each folder. Available in different sizes and formats such as alphabetical (a-z), daily (1-31) and monthly (Jan-Dec)
  • Poly File Pockets

    These file pockets are virtually indestructible because they are made of polypropylene material. Keep your bulky file safe from the elements with these poly file pockets.
  • Manila File Pockets

    Keep bulky files straight in file drawers and storage boxes. Reinforced tear-resistant material helps extend the life of your file pockets for frequently accessed files.
  • Colored File Pockets

    Brightly colored file pockets offer a way to identify large amounts of paper very easily by color. Available in 4 bright colors or assorted colors, these colored file pockets will help keep you organized.
  • Easy Grip File Pockets

    These unique expanding file folders offer a special "easy-grip" surface which makes pulling these file pockets from a drawer even easier. These file pockets are ideal for those with difficulty pulling bulk folders.
  • Recycled File Pockets

    Materials for these file pockets are made of 100% recycled content, which helps reduce the amount of virgin wood needed to make these file pockets.