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expanding file folders

Expanding File Folders

An expanding file folder has a pleated, accordion-like expanding gusset that expands as you add paper. It is the perfect way to store, transport, and organize large amounts of paperwork. When choosing how to organize documents or if you need to take documents with you, choose an expanding file folder with a flap for added security or extra dividers for separating documents. Shop our huge selection to find the perfect expanding folder for your needs.
  • Expanding File Pockets

    › Closed on 3 sides
    › Letter or Legal Sizes
    › Expands from 1-3/4" up to 7"
    › For drawers or open shelving
    › Redrope, manila or multi-colored choices

  • Wallet Folders

    › Expanding folders with closable flap
    › Letter or Legal Sizes
    › Expands from 2" up to 7"
    › Durable red rope and poly material
    › Elastic, Cloth Tie, or Velcro closures

  • Accordion Folders

    Accordion folders are expanding file folders with partitioned pockets that look like an accordion when opened.
  • Redweld

    Redweld expanding wallets and file pockets.
  • Expanding File Box

    Transport your handing files or top tab folders with these file boxes.
  • Smead File Sorter

    Portable file folders to sort your documents alphabetically, daily or monthly.
  • Poly Envelopes

    Top load documents into these poly envelopes with string closure.
  • Cascading Wall Organizer

    A multi-pocket expanding organizer that expands vertically and can hang on a wall or cubicle. It is like having a file sorter right on your wall.
  • Bookshelf Organizer

    Designed to hold loose papers and documents and store them neatly on bookshelves.
In order to keep large amounts of documents in order, your expanding file folder should be closed on three sides to keep documents from sliding out when it is transported to other offices. You never have to worry about losing documents when using one of our expanding file folders with a closable flap, which we call expanding wallet folders. These folders are available in letter or legal-size, with multiple expansions. Some of the expanding folders come in multiple colors to brighten your workspace or organize by color. Choose plastic expandable file folders for your most durable filing option.