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File Folders

For storage of hard copy, paper-based records for any industry. We help businesses keep their filing systems efficient like a well oiled machine. File folders come in different styles- manila file folders being most popular. Smaller filing systems typically use top tab file folders or hanging folders for drawers while larger file systems will use end tab filing systems with color-coded labels. Browse by File Folder Type below.
  • End Tab Folders

    Used primarily in larger filing systems. End tab file folders are used with open shelves and are color coded at the side with labels. End tab folders are available in many sizes, colors and styles.
  • Top Tab Folders

    Used for smaller filing systems, top tab file folders are used with lateral or drawer shelving and are labeled at the top of the file folder. Top tab folders also are available in many sizes, colors and styles.
  • Hanging Folders

    Used exclusively in drawer filing systems, hanging file folders have metal rods that run parallel at the top of the folders which hang on a file drawer railing. Our hanging folders are designed for either letter or legal size files.
  • Expanding Folders

    When you need to store documents in bulk, expanding file folders are the right file folders for you. Expanding file folders are closed on 3 sides and expand up to 7" to accommodate large volumes.
  • 2-Pocket Folders

    An easy and economical way to store small files or present company documentation, two-pocket file folders will get the job done. Two pocket folders have a interior pockets on the left and right side, often accompanied by a business card holder.
  • Plastic Folders

    Plastic file folders are tear-proof & water-resistant for extra durability. The strong poly material is lightweight, yet virtually indestructible which makes these plastic folders useful in many settings. Available in a variety of colors for easy file identification.
  • Printed Folders

    Printed file folders, such as patent folders and employee files, have specific printing on the front panels depending on need. These stock printed folders are available in most popular requests so there will be no need to wait for custom requests.