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Types of File Folders

Choose file folders that will work with your filing system. Folders that are stored in filing cabinets or drawers utilize top tab folders. In these systems, the file folder's label is at the top. File Folders that are stored in open shelving use end tab folders. In these systems, the labels are applied to the side of the folder. We provide all types of file folders to provide order to user's document management. Browse by file folder type below and don't forget to filter your results for a file folder perfect for your application.
  • Top Tab File Folders

    Designed for lateral, vertical, or desk drawer filing, top tab file folders are the most commonly used folders. We offer many styles of top tab folders in both letter and legal sizes.

  • End Tab File Folders

    Designed shelf filing systems where folders can be stored vertically, end tab folders are commonly used in high-density storage and are popular with medical records. End tab folders have their labels on the side.

  • Folders with Brads

    File folders of all types with machine-installed fasteners
  • Expanding Folders

    For bulkier files, expanding file folders are able to expand, like an accordion, to keep all your documents neatly in one place.

  • Hanging File Folders

    Hanging file folders have metal rods that hang on a file drawer railing. We offer many types of high-quality Smead hanging folders.

  • File Jacket Folders

    File jackets are closed on three sides to keep documents or x-rays from sliding out. They are available in many colors and are either flat or have an expansion.

  • Presentation Folders

    Presentation folders protect your printed report and also adds formality to your printed documents.
  • Plastic File Folders

    The strong poly material is lightweight, yet virtually indestructible which makes these plastic folders useful in many settings.
  • Custom File Folders

    Click here to learn more about our custom file folders, or call us at 1-800-373-9133 speak with a custom folder expert.
  • Patent Folders

    Tri-fold folders with patent and trademark information printed on the outside.
  • Pocket Folders

    Pocket folders give you added security to your documents. Each pocket lets you store additional documents, photos or other items without them falling out.
  • Vertical Folders

    Vertical file folders let you file and organize your documents upright like you print and read them.
  • Printed File Folders

    A perfect way to keep your materials organized and to remember important project details.
  • Clearance File Folders

    Discontinued filing supplies with substantial discounts.