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Filing Accessories & Additional Filing Supplies

No two file systems are the same and every office setting has its own requirements. With our filing accessories, easily add specific options to your folders such as self-adhesive pockets, dividers, or fasteners. Missing folders on the shelf? Try using outguides. Customize your filing system with subcategories by using file guides. Store extra items in your folders using retention jackets. Or simply renew the life of a used file folder by adding tab converters. Browse our filing accessories below to see all the ways to make your folders more productive.
  • Fasteners

    Fasteners for folders help prevent documents from falling out and also keep documents in the order you need.
  • Adhesive Pockets

    Self Adhesive Pockets adhere to file folders, binders, pocket folders, jackets, or anywhere you need to store small items safely.
  • File Guides

    File guides will help speed up filing and retrieval time by being able to see the folders without having to read every folder.
  • Tabbies File Pocket Handles

    Combining the handles with existing expanding file folders will greatly increase the life of the expandable folder by protecting the gusset.
  • 3-Ring Binder Accessories

    Organize and subdivide papers in three-ring binders with binder index dividers and poly envelopes
  • End Tab Converters

    Convert existing file folders into end tab file folders for maximum quantity folder storage.
  • Label Protectors

    Clear, self-adhesive protectors fold over your labels and folders to protect from wear and tear.
  • Filing Cabinet Inserts

    Store Letter or Legal Hanging Files
  • Outguides

    Keep track of where and when folders have been removed from your filing system or file room.
  • Retention Jackets

    Retention jackets allow you to store information safely and securely without punching holes in documents