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Browse our entire selection of fireproof file cabinets, including models from our popular FireKing® brand. You'll find all our fireproof file cabinet product lines above or sort all fireproof files, safes, and storage cabinets based on your exact needs in our top drop-down menus.
Did you know...

Did you know 93% of businesses, who lost their data due to a disaster, for a period of just 10 days, filed bankruptcy, or went out of business within 1 year of the disaster and vital records loss? (National Archives and Records, Washington, DC). Nearly 75% of businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan. Less than 10% of companies survive a major disaster when they have no disaster recovery plan in place. With simple statistics like these, consider using a FireKing fire-rated file cabinet to keep your vital documents safe from a potential disaster. A FireKing cabinet can help save your business, even if you have no formal plan in place.