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Medical Filing Supplies

Advanced Filing Concepts provides medical file folders and medical filing supplies for all types of medical practices. We can help you find the filing supplies and patient charts to create neat, organized patient charts or medical records.
  • Medical Chart Dividers


    › Chart Divider Sets (Collated)
    › Chart Dividers (Individua)
    › Blank Chart Dividers (Writable)
    › Index Divider Sheets & Tabs

  • Side Tab File Folders


    › Maila Folders
    › Colored Folders
    › Folders with Dividers
    › Folders with Pockets
    › Kardex Folders

  • Medical Forms


    › HCFA 1500 Claim Forms
    › Continuation Forms
    › Health History Forms
    › Patient Sign-In Forms
    › Dental Forms
    › Veterinary Forms