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Top Tab File Folders

Used mostly in smaller filing systems, top tab file folders index file contents at the top of the file folder, typically with a file folder label. Designed for drawer filing systems, top tab folders are the most popular choice for offices. Top Tab Filing allows you to index your files from the top. Choose from our extensive line of high-quality file folders. Browse by end tab file folder type below.
  • Manila Folders

    Manila file folders in letter size, legal sizes, with 1/3-Cut, 1/2-Cut, or Straight-Cut tabs. Choose from a large selection of folder options to best suit your needs.
  • Colored Folders

    Available in both letter and legal sizes, multi-colored file folders help add a level of indexing for faster folder retrieval.
  • Classification Folders

    Divider folders allow you to have multiple working surfaces inside each file folder. Choose letter or legal size with 1, 2, or 3 dividers.
  • File Folder Jackets

    File jackets are special folders which are closed on three sides to prevent contents from falling out. Browse our large selection of file jackets here.
  • Pressboard Folders

    Pressboard file folders stand up to wear-and-tear, thanks to their supreme durability. A perfect choice for on the go applications.
  • Kraft Folders

    A kraft file folder is much more durable than a manila folder because it is made with a more dense kraft paper material. If you are typically pulling your folders from file drawers, consider using a kraft folder as it will last longer than a standard folder.
  • Casebinder Folders

    Court Case Binders are a great solution for big, bulky and highly active legal files that you need to keep in chronological order. The fastener on a case binder in installed on a special flap so the first page in the file is always at the front.