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UniCover Flex - Clear Acetate Binding Covers

The UniCover Flex by Unibind is a flexible thermal binding cover made from acetate and a steel u-shaped channel binding spine. One side has a crystal clear finish and the other has a frosted matte finish. This gives you two presentation options of either a fully transparent or semi-transparent front cover. The first page of your presentation will personalize the cover. You can even request your Crystal Flex covers to include optional foil-stamping as well as foil-printing to add your logo, name or other artwork to the cover.

UniCover Flex - Colors

UniFlex covers are available with the following spine colors: Aluminum, Azur, Black, Bordo, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Quartz and White. Choose a color that best matches your corporate colors or brightly stands out from the rest. Aluminum, Azure, and Quartz colors have a unique metallic finish, where Black, Bordo, Dark Blue/Green, and white have a more traditional finish.

UniCover Flex - Sizes (Spine Capacities)

UniCover Flex has the following spine size (metric/standard) and page range with 20lb weight paper:
  • 3mm (1/8") 1-20 Pages
  • 5mm (3/16") 20-40 Pages
  • 7mm (5/16") 40-60 Pages
  • 9mm (3/8") 60-80 Pages
  • 12mm (1/2") 80-100 Pages
  • 15mm (5/8") 101-120 Pages
  • 18mm (3/4") 120-160 Pages
  • 24mm (1") 160-220 Pages
  • 36MM (1-1/2") 220-340 Pages


UniCover Flex is designed for letter size (8-1/2"W x 11"H) paper. The binding edge for all flex covers is on the 11" side.