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UniCover Hard - Hardback Thermal Binding Covers

Formerly known as Unibind SteelBooks, the UniCover Hard thermal binding covers are fully customizable and work with any Unibind machine. Make your documents stand out from others with this high-quality hardback books. There are 8 color options available for UniCover hard in portrait orientation. There are also limited color options in landscape orientation. Unibind hardcovers can be customized to showcase your brand. Consider personalizing your hardcovers with some of our Unibind Logo Options. UniCover Hard binding covers are ideal for businesses that want an enticing way to engage clients with important content.

How to use Unibind hardcovers

Binding a Unibind book has never been easier! First, insert your prints and align them with the spine. When alignment is satisfactory, place your presentation(s) on a Unibind resin steel binding machines. Unibind offers a variety of thermal binding systems to bind, crimp and cool your printed presentations. Using a UniBinder 8.2, UniBinder 8.1 or UniBinder 120, you can crimp the spine to create a strong and precise finish. Choose below from our available stock products or contact us today if you are interested in creating customized presentation covers.