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Unibind Thermal Binding Machines & Supplies

Unibind is a fast and highly-effective way to create beautiful, high-end printed presentations, in-house. Unibind adds value to any printed document. From personalized covers to high quality lay-flat paper. Developed in Belgium by Peleman Industries, Unibind thermal binding machines and covers are the easiest and most efficient way to bind stunning documents that your customer will notice. Adding a printed document to your presentation not only reinforces your brand, but reinforces your client's trust in your products and services. From custom full-color hardcovers to standard clear report covers, Unibind has a solution which will be optimal for you.

How to bind with Unibind

The process of using Unibind is 3 simple steps: Gather, Bind, Cool. First, gather your documents and place them in the Unibind Cover of your choice. All Unibind binding systems will accept all types of UniCovers including UniCover Flex, UniCover Hard, and UniCover Spine. After bundling the documents in your cover, place the document on the heating element of your machine. A red light will appear indicating the binding process. After completion, the red light turns green indicating that the heating cycle has finished.The next step is to either crimp the spine of the documents (if applicable), then let the document cool on the tray.
An incredible tool to easily add professionalism to any printed document or presentation.

What will I need to start using Unibind

To bind your documents, you will first need to have a Unibind machine and then choose how your would like to present your documents. Unibind offers a range of machines to meet your demand. Cover options are also offered in a range to meet your desired output. Stock covers like flex, hard and soft covers do not come automatically personalized. Tell us more about what you want to achieve with your presentations and we will guide you to the correct choice of Unibind cover.
  • Unibind Machines

    Unibind thermal binding machines like the UniBinder 8.2, UniBinder 120 and UniBinder 60 models. Personalization systems like the UniFoil printer also available.
  • Unibind Covers

    Unibind thermal binding covers compatible with all Unibind machines. Unibind covers come in clear flex, hard, soft, and spine only options.
  • UniFoil Printer

    Find the UniFoil Printer here for purchase as well as UniFoil Printer Ribbons
  • Accessories

    Organize your Unbind supplies, assist in the binding process, or improve the overall quality of your presentation with Unibind accessories like lay-flat paper.

About Advanced Filing Concepts

Advanced Filing Concepts is an authorized Unibind distributor. We work directly with Peleman Industries, Alpharetta location. We carry the full line of Unibind supplies used throughout the continental United States. We have a huge selection of Unibind products on hand to quickly and efficiently get you the Unibind cover you need. Custom orders are also handled with Advanced Filing Concepts.