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Unibind is a fast and highly effective way to create beautiful, high-end printed presentations in the convenience of your own home or office. Unibind adds value to any printed document. From personalized covers to high-quality lay-flat paper, there is a solution for you.

What is Unibind?

Developed in Belgium by Peleman, Unibind thermal binding machines and covers are the easiest and most efficient way to create impressive documents that your customer will notice. Producing an attractive document with your presentation not only elevates your brand image but gains trust from your clients, which sets you apart from your competition. Come take a look at the unique presentation solutions Unibind has to offer and see what works best for your company.

Why Use Unibind?

Easy-To-Use - All Unibind machines are very easy-to-use and do not require training. The equipment comes ready-to-use. All staff can be capable of binding documents in less than 2 minutes. Placing the document spine side down on a heating element is all that is required for the binding process to begin. This bind-on-demand style gives you the ability to create documents at a moment's notice.

What do I need to use Unibind?

To bind your documents, you will first need to have a Unibind machine and then choose how you would like to present your documents. Unibind offers a range of machines to meet your demand. Next, you will need to choose your desired binding cover. Covers come in different models depending on your needs. UniCover Flex is the popular plastic Unibind covers. UniCover Spine is a combination of spines and cover sets. UniCover Hard are fully customizable hardcover books. UniCover Soft is Unibind's newest cover type. Tell us more about what you want to achieve with your presentations and we will guide you to the correct choice of Unibind cover.

Where to Buy Unibind? From your #1 Unibind Dealer!

Advanced Filing Concepts is an authorized Unibind distributor. We work directly with the manufacturer and produce all custom Unibind products. We provide the full line of Unibind supplies that are used throughout the continental United States. We maintain a huge selection of the most popular Unibind products on hand to quickly and efficiently get your Unibind covers quickly. Unibind products are available from a limited number of sources, and we thank you for choosing us for your business needs.