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Filing Accessories

Make your filing system efficient as possible with a wide range of filing accessories. Extra add-ons to folders such as file dividers or file folder pockets will assist in organization.
Self Adhesive Fasteners
Self Adhesive Clips
Self-Adhesive Folder Pockets
Additional storage
Folder & Binder Dividers
Self-adhesive Dividers
Self-Adhesive Pockets
Additional Storage
Handles for legal file pockets
Prevent Gusset Tearing
Fileback Dividers
Organize Large Files
Filing Guides
Subdivide folders in drawer
End Tab File Converters
Re-use your folders
Smead Desktop Organizing Set
Organize loose items
3M Post-It Flags
Mark, Flag or Highlight
Retention Jackets / Envelopes
Store information safely
Poly and paper out guides
Placement Holders