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Office Filing Supplies

Advanced Filing Concepts provides all types of file folders used in all types of filing systems around the globe. We have thousands of filing products, readily available with a large inventory of specialized file folders, unique to any filing application. With nearly every style of folder available, you will have every option to organize your paperwork the way you want it. With our core of filing resources, we are able to accommodate the most current filing system out there.
  • Folders


    › Top Tab File Folders & End Tab Files
    › Expanding Folders & File Jackets
    › Hanging Folders & Patent Folders
    › Plastic File Folders
    › Presentation Folders
    › Custom Folders

  • Chart Dividers


    › Medical Chart Divider Sets (Collated)
    › Medical Chart Dividers (Individual)
    › Medical Index Divider Sheets & Tabs
    › Blank Chart Dividers (Writable)

  • Index Tab Dividers


    › Alphabetical Index Dividers
    › Numerical Index Tabs
    › Exhibit Tabs
    › Roman Numeral Index Tabs
    › Month Dividers
    › Blank Index Dividers (Writable)

  • Filing Accessories


    › Fasteners
    › Dividers
    › Self-Adhesive Pockets
    › File Pocket Handles
    › Outguides
    › Label Protectors
    › Much more!