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Top Tab Folders

Designed for drawer filing systems, top tab folders are the most popular choice for offices. Top Tab Filing allows you to index your files from the top. Choose from our extensive line of high-quality file folders.

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Manila File Folders
Standard Manila
Colored File Folders
Brightly Colored
Folders with Dividers
Expansion Folders
Expands up to 1-1/2"
Top Tab File Jackets
Closed on three sides
Regular Pressboard
Resists Wear & Tear
Folders with Pockets
Installed Pockets
Kraft File Folders
Resists Wear & Tear
Reversible Tab
Pre-Printed Tabs
Poly File Folders
Polypropylene Folders
Oversized Tab
Resists Bacteria
Mortgage Folders
Organize mortgage paperwork
Active Legal Files
Erase and reuse tab
Organizer Files
Built-in Dividers
Vertical Folders
Vertical Orientation
Indexed File Folder Sets
Maintain Desk Drawer Files