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Unibind Thermal Binding Covers

Make your work stand out! Choose from one of Unibind different types of binding covers to truly emphasize your message. Unibind covers come in different applications. UniCover Flex are the crystal clear plastic covers, UniCover Hard are the harback book covers and UniCover Spine are the binding spines with tear-away guides. There is now a new type of cover called UniCover Soft which is made from an extremely durable soft material with pliable finish. Using Unibind covers will greatly improve your document's overall look, aesthetic and feel.
  • UniCover Flex

    These are the crystal flex covers which have a crystal clear front plastic and frosted rear plastic cover all in one unit. UniCover Flex covers come in multiple color spine colors.
  • UniCover Hard

    These hardcover Unibinid covers can be personalized and are perfect for annual reports, board meetings, legal documents, notebooks, menu cards, company profiles, contacts and more.
  • UniCover Soft

    Soft covers are the latest type of Unibind presentation cover. Soft covers have a very unique texture which is pliable but retains the high-end quality of a hard cover. Soft covers can also be personalized with foil or full color options.
  • Unibind Cover Sets

    Unibind Cover Sets match Unibind binding spines. We offer black, dark blue, bordo, white, clear, and frosted cover sets, all which can also be customized.
  • UniCover Spine

    These binding spines come with a tear-away paper guide and are designed to work with separate cover sets or no cover at all. UniCover spines are have a matching color of cover set.